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Campaign finance reform is Starnes number one priority.

  • We will not have fair and clean elections as long as large donations are allowed in our democracy.  Starnes is the only candidate for governor who is limiting his donations to $100 per person and he is challenging every politician to, “just say NO to big money!”

Real Elected Experience

Starnes has over ten years of experience as an elected school board member.

  • Starnes feels every politician in Salem should have school board experience: dealing with unfunded mandates, increasingly unstable school funding and the forced firing of young teachers.
  • He sees the degradation of our schools as a tragedy for our youth and our future.

More Manufacturing Jobs

After decades of experience as a cabinetmaker Starnes understands the needs of regular working people. He believes that:

  • We can do more with our wood products.
  • We can build more finished wood products; manufactured in Oregon rather than shipping raw materials out of the state by removing barriers to, and providing incentives for, local businesses.

Independent Platform Position

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